Andes Challenge Team
Amalia Uriburu
Guide of Andes Challenge

I work in Andes Challenge...

Because I like helping our customers with the organization of their holidays, so they can enjoy our province and to be able to exceed their expectations.

If I am not working...
I´m playing football or tennis, spending time with my friends and family, or planning a new adventure.

My perfect day includes
..playing, and maybe someday winning , tennis with my husband or brother, spending time with my family and skipping cooking time!!!

 My favorite season of the year is...
...the weather in Salta is amazing, it´s warm, we have no rain, every day we have a clear blue sky the fulfills you with energy  to do any kind of outdoor activity or also to hang out with friends.

My favorite place in Salta?
Cachi, because it is a place where time seems to have stopped for ever, full with peace and quiet, different from all the other places near. Close to Salta city, without a doubt, San Lorenzo..

How I am connected to Salta and its traditions?
I come from two families that arrived in America with the first Spaniards and which descendants established themselves in the different countries of South America, countries that received the very best of them both privately and publicly. Of these ancestors, some of them independence warriors, presidents and outstanding professionals, I inherited the love for our traditions and the commitment for hospitality, intended to make the visitors to feel at home.

3 things I really like:
1) Footbal and Tennis
2) Music
3) Traveling

3 things that I really want to do in the future:
1) Enjoy with my son the activities I love to do.
2) Keep on developing as a professional in order to contribute to Andes Challenge and the tourism industry in Salta.
3) A bike expedition in France or Irland.

My ideal:
Spending quality time with my family and friends, and being always able to love my job.

Favorite Music Band:Joaquin Sabina
Favorite Movie:Sein letztes Rennen

Water, air or land? Water
Hot or Cold? Hot
Empanadas or steak? Spinach delicatessen
Mate o Coffee? Mate
Red wine o White wine? White wine of course...