Andes Challenge Team
Facundo Zambrano
Owner of Andes Challenge

I work in Andes Challenge...
...because I like living day after day performing new adventures and searching the best places suitable for adventure tourism. I also like working at Andes Challenge because I like sharing with my friends and people from all over the world our region and manners.

If I am not working...
...I´m paragliding, playing some sports, prepairing a nice barbecue or spending my free time with my family...

The perfect day for me is...
... paragliding in the morning, a quiet afternoon with my family and a nice barbecue with friends in the evening!

My favourite season of the year is...
...the weather in Salta is amazing, it´s warm, we have no rain, every day we have a clear blue sky the fulfills you with energy to go up in the mountain or to do any kind of outdoor activity or also to hang out with friends.

My favorite place in Salta?
... it´s hard to answer, with our job we are constantly discovering new amazing places, but if I had to choose, my favorite ones would be Iruya, Incahuasi and Amblayo, but it´s very hard to choose one only!

How I am connected to Salta and its traditions?
My family arrived to Salta with the first Spaniards and after a few years it started being very important in the culture and society of Salta. Therefore, I can say proudly that my family is carrier of many stories, anecdotes and knowledge that have being passing of generation to generation providing us of a cultural heritage that you cannot find in history books... and today it´s a pleasure for me to share all this with my guests and friends!
Also, I´m very connected to Salta´s Musical History. My grandfather was one of the founders and a member for at least 20 years, of a very famous folkloric group called "Los Chalchaleros", pioneers of the traditional Argentinian music. Nowadays, music is running through my veins and I really enjoy sharing it with my friends and those who know how to enjoy it.

3 things I really like:
1) Outdoor activities and Rugby
2) Music
3) Cooking

3 things that I really want to do in the future:
1) Enjoy with my son the activities I love to do.
2) Keep on developing as a professional in order to contribute to Andes Challenge and the tourism industry in Salta.
3) An expedition in the Antarctica.

My ideal:
Own a company that allows me to have a comfortable lifestyle, be able to enjoy my daily work, let the people working for me to enjoy their job and give them a good chance of improvement... and have enough free time to spend with my family and friends!

Favorite Music Band: AC DC
Favorite Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean Part 1

Water, air or land? All of them!
Hot or Cold? Hot
Empanadas or steak? Mmm...
Mate o Coffee? Coffee
Red wine o White wine? Redwine of course...