Andes Challenge Team
Santiago Uriburu
Tour Guide

I work in Andes Challenge...
...because working outdoors, meeting new people and doing what you really like it´s priceless.

If I am not working...
...I´m playing football or tennis, or spending my time with my friends...

The perfect day for me is...
...some very tasty empanadas at lunch, a tennis match in the afternoon and a party with my friends enjoying the laughs and good music.

My favourite season of the year is...
... It´s the time of holidays in Argentina and you have the opportunity to meet friends that you hardly see because they work or study abroad.

My favourite place in Salta?
... Clearly is San Lorenzo and its surroundings. The thick vegetation and landscapes of this place produce in me, feelings that are very hard to describe. However, I cannot leave aside very amazing places such as Iruya and the Calchaqui Valleys.

How I am connected to Salta and its traditions?
I come from two families that arrived in America with the first Spaniards and which descendants established themselves in the different countries of South America, countries that received the very best of them both privately and publicly. Of these ancestors, some of them independence warriors, presidents and outstanding professionals, I inherited the love for our traditions and the commitment for hospitality, intended to make the visitors to feel at home.

3 things I really like:
1) Football
2) Music
3) Travelling

3 things that I really want to do in the future:
1) Start a family
2) Travel to New Zealand
3) Own a bar in the Caribbean Sea

My ideal:
Give people the opportunity to enjoy their trip, meeting new people and discovering new places.

Favorite Music Band: Fabulosos Cadillacs
Favorite Movie: The trilogy of "The Lord of the Rings"

Water, air or land? Water
Hot or Cold? Hot
Empanadas or steak? Steak
Mate o Coffee? Coke!
Red wine o White wine? Fernet with Coke