Hiking Tours

Hiking Tours

Hiking tours

Andes Challenge offers hiking trips for all tastes.
With varying levels of duration and intensity, we can offer you a choice of options so you can explore different parts of the region. Our hikes will introduce you to the mountains, desert, jungle, valleys and native cultures.

If you would like to help us with suggestions on the type of hikes you'd like, we would be delighted to tailor-make an itinerary with you.

Please note: Our hikes can be combined with other adventure activities, like mountain biking, horse riding, expeditions in 4x4 vehicles etc. Please feel free to tell us what you're looking for and we will devise an adventure program to suit you.

Download here the route: trekking.pdf

Hiking tour Quebrada del Toro - Puertas del Cielo

Hiking tour Quebrada del Toro - Puertas del Cielo / 3 Days

This tour is a hiking excursion characterized by the continuous transition of amazing landscapes, past ruins of the Inca Empire and native cultures that are still thriving in the present day.

As we start our ascent up, we will be able to see an amazing panoramic view of the Quebrada el Toro, place where the very famous Train to the Clouds passes by.

Also in this gorge, we will be able to see the whole mountain range with many different rock formations and a wide variety of colors that will allows us to understand the geologic history of this very interesting place. 

For more information download the following pdf file: 
Hiking Quebrada del Toro - Puertas del Cielo - Full Program

Hiking tour Iruya - San Juan

Hiking tour Iruya - San Juan / 4 Days

Walking through the towns from Iruya to San Juan, today you can still feel the presence of the mysterious culture dating from a thousand years ago which is still holding out against the incursions of modern civilization.

America was discovered many years ago, but this trekking takes us through some places barely untouched: an extensive region of huge mountains and deep valleys, through communities only accessible by foot.

This trekking starts in Iruya, north of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, and from here we enter a blank canvas of map which we will draw in detail over the following four days, with stories, places, lives and people; altogether, it's an experience you will never forget.

Hiking tour Yungas

Hiking tour Yungas / Full Day 

This tour consists on a pleasant hike through the rainforest. Along the way we will be able to appreciate the different strata of the "Selva the Yungas", identifying typical species of trees such as "Nogal del Monte", "Ceibo" and "Arrayan". And also, if we are lucky, we will be able to see many different types of birds.

On our way we will walk by the mountain bridge that divides the Salta Valley from the Astilleros Gorge getting amazing panoramic views of the area.

It is an ideal option for those who have a free day in Salta or want to make a brief getaway to nature!!

Hiking tour Cerro Negro

Hiking tour Cerro Negro / 2 Days

The Cerro Negro hike is a trek through constantly changing landscape, past ruins from the Inca Empire and native cultures that are still thriving in the present day.

Starting off in the famous Quebrada del Toro, we climb steeply before descending into the valley of Incahuasi ("home of the Inca"), enjoying some breathtaking views along the way. Following an old Inca trail, we enter a completely different landscape of mountain jungle before finishing a few kilometres from the city of Salta.

To discover more about this program, please click on the following link:

Hiking Cerro Negro - Full Program

Hiking a las Nubes

Hiking a las Nubes 

This incredible walk takes us to discover one of the most beautiful places in Salta.
Starting only 40 minutes from the city, we get into a sea of ​​mountains, with panoramic views in all directions!

The trail raises eight hundred meters, reaching our maximum point at 2,400 a.s.l. And there, at the highest point, we find a small lagoon, known as "Laguna del Cielo".
In this place we make a good stop to recover energy, enjoy the beauty of the place and take the stage for a picnic.

Unfortunately at some point we will have to start the return!! So once we are recovered, we will start the way back, but still the trekking is full of surprises, different strata of vegetation, forest, some condors...

Back at the river level we will find our support vehicle, with which we will return to the City of Salta, but the trip isn´t over yet.  On the way back we will go through the Natural Reserve Las Costas, a very beautiful place, totally contrasting with the path previously traveled. 

Around 17 hours we will arrive back to Salta where our incredible hiking day will be over!