Bike tours

Bike tours

For this activity Andes Challenge has selected the best routes with greater scenic beauty but not forgetting those who like an adrenaline rush!!

Besides the products published below, we also have these options:
1 day:    Biking Quebrada del Toro / Cachi & Biking Cuesta del Obispo / Salinas Grandes & Biking / 
2 days:  Salta Biking & Hiking / Salinas Grandes - Biking & Hiking 

Download here the route: mountainbike.pdf

Bike tour Cuesta del Obispo

Dowhill-Mountain Bike - Cuesta del Obispo /  Full Day 

This is a mountain bike expedition along the road from Cachi, down the Cuesta del Obispo. It's a downhill trip of approximately 40km along a road which snakes between the high mountains of the eastern cordillera of the Andes.
The starting point is the Piedra del Molino at 3,348 meters above sea level. From here, it's your choice of high adrenalin, high speed race downhill, or a tranquil descent with plenty of stops to soak in the outstanding panoramic views along this mountain road.

Altitude graph:
Grafico de nivel

Bike tour Abra del Acay - Cuesta del Obispo

Bike tour Abra del Acay - Cuesta del Obispo / 2 Days 

This mountain biking trip is for those of you who love great scenery... and thrive on high adrenalin challenges.
From Salta we travel up through the Quebrada del Toro towards Route 40 and from there we climb up to the highest road pass in the whole of America: the "Abra del Acay" at 5,000 metres above sea level. This is the departure point for our first downhill mountain bike towards the town of La Poma.
Along the way we can pause for a breather and to see some marvellous natural rock formations like the Puente del Diablo ("Devil's bridge") and the remains of ancient cultures like the Graneros del Inca (Inca Mills).

On the second day we mountain bike down the road from Cachi, along the Cuesta del Obispo; a high adrenalin rush through some outstanding mountain scenery.

Altitude graph day 1:

Altitude graph day 2:

Bike tour Iruya

Dowhill-Mountain Bike Tour Iruya / 2 Days 

After travelling up through the Quebrada de Humahuaca, we reach Abra del Cóndor at 4,000 metres above sea level, from where we begin the downhill mountain bike trip.
The circuit includes almost 2,000 metres descent over 30km.
The sharp bends open out into a sea of jagged mountains.