Private Tours

Private Tours

Private Tours

We invite you to discover with us the bests places of our region with a very personal and exclusive service. 

Besides our published products we recommend the following tours:

1 Day Tours:      Quebrada de Humahuaca / Salinas Grandes & Purmamarca
2 Days Tours:     Humahuaca & Salinas / Salinas Grandes & Purmamarca / Cafayate - Wine Tour    
3 Days Tours:     Cachi-Salinas-Purmamarca / Cafayate-Molinos-Cachi / Calchaqui Valleys Active 

High Desert Safari - Tolar Grande

High Desert Safari - Private Tour / 3 Days

In this three day tour we will adventure ourselves into a very particular and little-known region, the Puna.
It is a unique area, due to its magical landscapes, its humongous volcanos, its small towns, and the simplicity of its people.
It´s a long trip, but it is worth every minute of it!

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High Desert Safari - Full Descprition

Salta & Jujuy´s highlights

Salta & Jujuy´s highlights - Private tour / 4 Days 

In this four day trip we will have the unique opportunity to discover the highlights of the North of Argentina.

We will travel through colorful canyons, cross really high mountain ranges, have time to discover colonial towns, go from the arid desert to the green forest...and to cactus forests!

We will also have time to enjoy a glass of wine and to discover the wine area. You are up to four days full of surprises, you won´t cease to be amazed.

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Salta & Jujuy´s highlights-Full Program

Day trip Cafayate

Private tour to Cafayate / Full Day 

We will be heading towards one of the most popular places in Salta: Cafayate. To get to this small town, we will travel through one of the most spectacular places of our province: Quebrada de las Conchas.
This place is known for the different colors and landformations such as 'El Anfiteatro', 'Los Castillos', 'La Garganta del Diablo', etc.

At Cafayate, we will have time to have lunch and to visit a winery... or maybe two! where we can taste different wines.

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Private Tour Cafayate Full Program

Day trip Cachi

Private tour to Cachi /  Full Day 

In the morning, we start our journey towards Cachi. We will be passing by the Quebrada de Escoipes on our way to Cuesta del Obispo, following to Parque Nacional los Cardones and finally arriving to Cachi.

The trip is full of surprises, enormous mountains, colorful hills, the Cardones Nacional park, and if we are lucky, we might be able to spot some condors flying around!

At noon, we will be arriving at Cachi, a colonial little town where time seems to have stopped! We will have time to take a walk, to relax and have lunch.

We will be returning through the same route we got to Cachi, but since the light has changed, all the scenery looks completely different! We are going to be able to appreciate the views from another perspective!

In the afternoon, we return to Salta, where our tour will end.

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Quebrada del Toro - Tastil Ruins

Private Tour Quebrada del Toro - Tastil Ruins / Full Day 

Early in the morning, we start our journey towards Quebrada del Toro. After a few minutes, we will arrive to Campo Quijano, a small town known as the “Portal of the Andes”. This is the last populated town we will see before entering this amazing mountain road, Quebrada del Toro.

As our journey goes on, we will find colorful hills, giants cactuses and incredible views that will make us want to stop in every turn so we can take a picture! We will also follow the trails of the very famous Tren a las Nubes, and also we will be able to see its bridges, path and trails.

Our furthest point in our journey will be the very very small town of Santa Rosa de Tastil, populated by people of ancient indigenous generations.

In Tastil we will found one of the most relevant archeological sites of the Northwest of Argentina, the Tastil Ruins. In this place, we will make a stop so we can walk and enjoy the scenery, as well as we will learn about its history.

On our way back, we will also visit the very small community of Alfarcito, where we can enjoy the regional food of the place.

After our lunch, we will drive back to Salta, where our tour will end!