Parque Los Cardones - Cachi

Day trip Cachi

Private tour to Cachi /  Full Day 

In the morning, we start our journey towards Cachi. We will be passing by the Quebrada de Escoipes on our way to Cuesta del Obispo, following to Parque Nacional los Cardones and finally arriving to Cachi.

The trip is full of surprises, enormous mountains, colorful hills, the Cardones Nacional park, and if we are lucky, we might be able to spot some condors flying around!

At noon, we will be arriving at Cachi, a colonial little town where time seems to have stopped! We will have time to take a walk, to relax and have lunch.

We will be returning through the same route we got to Cachi, but since the light has changed, all the scenery looks completely different! We are going to be able to appreciate the views from another perspective!

In the afternoon, we return to Salta, where our tour will end.

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