quebrada del toro

Quebrada del Toro - Tastil Ruins

Private Tour Quebrada del Toro - Tastil Ruins / Full Day 

Early in the morning, we start our journey towards Quebrada del Toro. After a few minutes, we will arrive to Campo Quijano, a small town known as the “Portal of the Andes”. This is the last populated town we will see before entering this amazing mountain road, Quebrada del Toro.

As our journey goes on, we will find colorful hills, giants cactuses and incredible views that will make us want to stop in every turn so we can take a picture! We will also follow the trails of the very famous Tren a las Nubes, and also we will be able to see its bridges, path and trails.

Our furthest point in our journey will be the very very small town of Santa Rosa de Tastil, populated by people of ancient indigenous generations.

In Tastil we will found one of the most relevant archeological sites of the Northwest of Argentina, the Tastil Ruins. In this place, we will make a stop so we can walk and enjoy the scenery, as well as we will learn about its history.

On our way back, we will also visit the very small community of Alfarcito, where we can enjoy the regional food of the place.

After our lunch, we will drive back to Salta, where our tour will end!

Additional Info

  • Price per person: US $ 260 (private tour)
  • Duration: 6 hours aprox.
  • Includes:
    • Transportation in Pick Up Truck
    • Profesional Guide
    • Mineral Water
    • Insurances
  • Do not Includes:
    • Accomodation
    • Meals
  • Itinerary:
    • Salta - Quebrada del Toro - Tastil
    • Tastil - Alfarcito
    • Alfarcito - Salta