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    Our region is located in the Northwest of Argentina, connected to the Atacama Desert and
    the South of Bolivia, with whom we share important geological and cultural features.

    In this vast region we find different places of incredible beauty where we decided to develop our products.

    The different mountain ranges creates valleys such as:

    • Calchaquí Valley: where the main production of high-altitude wines is found, unique in the world due to its soil and meteorological characteristics.
    • The Quebrada de Humahuaca: a region declared a World Heritage Site due to its ancient cultural history and its incredible geological history.
    • The region of the Altiplano or Puna: where the immense salt flats and the highest volcanoes of the planet are found.
    • The zones of Yungas or Mountain Forest: green lungs of forest that contrast with the predominant aridity in the region.
    Each area has different cultural features, since its people adapted over time to the
    different type of climate and life, building beautiful villages, cultivating the land and
    developing its culture in the form of music, art and gastronomy.

    The transitions between each region provide us with the perfect framework to develop our
    adventure tourism activities and our private tours, since they hide an endless amount of different
    landscapes and cultures, surprising us with a new chapter in each curve, behind each new step.