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  • High Altitude Wineries

    High Altitude Wines - Boutique Wineries


      Experience Bodega Peña Durbex

      • Travelling time: 3 hours
      • Overnight: Bodega Peña Durbex

      To get to this Winery we need to travel across one of Salta´s most spectacular views, La Quebrada de las Conchas, which makes the three hours journey worthy from the very first moment.

      Every time you look around, you will be amazed by the immensity of the place. It is hard to imagine that wine grows in such a rough and high area. This is the result of work, passion and perseverance.

      Winery Peña Durbex – Cafayate

      The barrel room
      “It is our place with charm, where we store the red wine that we produce in the Winery, and we take care of it during its first 12 months of aging, in French oak and American oak barrels for our Finca la Punilla Wine Line, and for 18 months to elaborate our Blend Great Reserve Hijo del Viento

      Wine tasting
      “With an unbeatable landscape and very close to the Storage Room, the Tasting Room invites you to get involved into the world of wine. Our Winemaker offers all guests a small tasting course that will help you understand the different wines and enjoy the tasting of our Finca la Punilla Line, specially marinated by the Chef of the house …

      Experience Bodega el Porvenir de Cafayate

      • Travelling time: 30 min
      • Overnight: Cafayate

      Today we will dedicate ourselves to visit one of Cafayate´s most emblematic wineries: El Porvenir de Cafayate, which also has been awarded national and internationallyPaul Hobbs is one of the enologists of this place.

      If we take into consideration where we are, and the kind of grapes that grow in this area, we will be pleasantly surprised by the unusual kind of wine we will find here. Also, we will be able to enjoy the hospitality of Cafayate´s people.

      “We are a familiar winery and this is what defines our winemaking. . El Porvenir de Cafayate is the luxury to look long term… Our wines are an invitation to travel a trip of overcoming and discovery that we have undertaken a few time ago, here in Cafayate. Undoubtedly, our place in the world”

      The Winery

      “Inside the old structure stands a modern building that completes our idea of the future with advanced infrastructure and technology.

      To preserve the quality of the grapes, we implemented a double selection line with the aim of transporting only the best to the tanks for fermentation. In our winemaking process, we aim to take care of the grapes and offer the least wear, using gravity as a method to maintain their purity.

      In American and French oak barrels we let rest our wines, selected in quality and origin. Proud representatives of the essence of Cafayate, we make our wines of hight Altitude El Porvenir, Laborum and Amauta, with roots in the future of Cafayate.

      Picnic among the Wineyards

      At noon, we will have a pic nic, in the middle of the wine yards, where we will enjoy our typical food: empanadas and a glass of this amazing Wine.

      Experiencie High Altitude Wineries in Cafayate

      • Travelling time: 30 min
      • Overnight: Cafayate

      Winery San Pedro de Yacochuya

      Even though Yacochuya is only 8 kilometers away from Cafayate, it is located at 2.035 m.a.s, which makes its terroir something unique and unbeatable. This is how the well-known winemaker of Pomerol, Michel Rolland and Arnaldo Etchart thought it through when they associate together.

      Bodega Yacochuya has a long tradition and experience. The family name was a Pioneer in Wine production in Salta, opening the emblematic winery Etchart. In the year 1966, after selling this first winery is when they start the project of Yacochuya, managing to quickly introduce in the market a new style of Wine, distinguishing itself nationally and internationally.

      They have been awarded many times with extremely high punctuations in the wine guides, among Robert Parker and others.

      In this winery we will taste the San Pedro of Yacochuya Wine line, with its exquisite torrontes and blend based on Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.

      Winery Domingo Molina

      Domingo Molina is a 100% family winery whose idea is to produce high quality wines from selected grapes hand-harvested in their own vineyards.

      The winery was built in 2009, and has an installed capacity of 250,000 liters. It has been designed giving priority to the most modern concepts of development and equipped with the latest technology.

      In this winery, we will have the opportunity to taste the “Domingo Molina” line, in which we specially recommend the Cabernet Suavignon, Malbec and Torrontés.
      Even though this is a young winery, it has also received incredible ratings in the most outstanding wine guides.

      Argentinian Barbecue and free afternoon

      At noon, we will return to Finca el Retiro to enjoy a typical Argentinian barbecue! After lunch, we will have time to spend in Cafayate at our own pace.

      Experience Bodega Colomé

      • Travelling time: 3.5 horas
      • Overnight: Estancia Colome

      “To get to Colomé it is necessary to strive, and to be able to enjoy the pieces of art located at the estancia, there is no other way than committing yourself”. This is what Mr. Donald Hess, owner of Colomé, told the famous artist James Turrell referring to the museum that after some time has been built especially for his works of art, but would he have also referred to his own wines?

      For us, Bodega Colomé is a perfect synthesis of tradition, experience, innovation and precision.

      With modern techniques, accompanied by the best technology and a highly demanding team, it produces wines of a unique character.

      They fully explode the potential of the different grape varieties of his own production into their winemaking process, reaching wines that exceed our expectations year after year, such is the case of the Colomé Torrontés, the Colomé Estate and its Special Lots.

      Our day in Colomé

      To Colomé we will dedicate the whole day, as there is so much to be done…

      Upon arrival, we will start with a visit to the winery followed by a tasting by its sommelier, who will introduce us to – and help to discover and enjoy- the elegant Colomé Torrontés and Malbec de Altura. Then we continue with a tasting of premium wines from the cellarAll scored by more than 90 points by Robert Parker.

      At the end of the tasting, we can have lunch on the terrace enjoying the incredible views of the valley and the vineyards. After lunch Colomé offers a visit to its museum dedicated to James Turrell, an unforgettable and unexpected show.

      Cachi and the world´s Highest Merlot

      • Travelling time: 4 hours
      • Overnight: -

      Winery Miraluna

      In this last day of this amazing trip, before returning to Salta, we have one thing left to do: visit the charming colonial town of Cachi and stop at the winery “Miraluna” so we can taste its Hight Altitude Merlot.

      At 2600 meters above sea level, and very close to the Nevado de Cachi mountain range, there is a small oasis where we glimps some green, and there, in that place, a man’s dream turned into a wine of unique characteristics.

      Excursion Cachi – Los Cardones – Cuesta del Obispo

      At noon we can have lunch in the Main Square of Cachi and perhaps enjoy some other wine from the area.

      To finish the trip as we started, on the road we will find a unique landscape, crossing the Cardones National Park and descending the Cuesta del Obispo.
      Finally we will arrive to Salta where we will conclude this trip through the most remote and interesting corners of our wine country.

      End of the program


    Reservation & Cancellation policy


    • MIN. GROUP SIZE 2 persons
    • PRICE INCLUDES Private service with guide at your disposal

      The price includes:
      Bilingual tour guide,
      Private transportation,
      Mineral water,
      Wine tasting,

      1 Night in Hotel Casa de la Bodega
      2 Nights in Cafayate
      1 Night in Estancia Colomé

      Wine tastings:

      Wine tasting Finca la Punilla line in Bodega Peña Durbex

      Wine tasting Grand Testing (5 glasses) in Bodega el Porvenir

      Wine tasting San Pedro de Yacochuya (Torrontés & Blend) line in Bodega Yacochuya

      Wine tasting Domingo Molina line in Bodega Domingo Molina

      Classic Wine tasting (2 glasses) and High Altitude wine tasting (2 glasses) in Bodega Colomé

      Wine tasting High Altitude Merlot in Bodega Miraluna


      Lunch à la carte in Casa de la Bodega
      Picnic among the wineyards in Finca el Retiro – Bodega El Porvenir
      Argentinian barbecue in Finca el Retiro – Bodega el Porvenir
      Lunch à la carte in Visitor Center Bodega Colomé
      Lunch à la carte in Cachi
    • NOT INCLUDED Dinners
    • NECESSARY EQUIPMENT Sunblok, Hat, Warm clothes
    • ITINERARY Day 1: Private Wine Tour to Casa de la Bodega
      Overnight at Hotel Casa de la Bodega

      Day 2: Private Wine Tour Bodega El Porvenir
      Overnight at Finca el Retiro

      Day 3: Private Tour High Altitud Wines of Cafayate
      Overnight in Cafayate

      Day 4: Private Wine Tour to Colome
      Overnight at Colome

      Day 5: Private Wine Tour to Cachi & Salta
      End of the program


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