Tour Salinas Grandes, Salta Jujuy, Argentina
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  • Chasing the Salt Flats

    2-Day Escape to Salinas Grandes

    • PRICE PER VEHICLE (4 PAX): 720

      Visit Purmamarca and Salinas Grandes

      • Travelling time: 5 hours
      • Overnight: Pozo Colorado

      Embark on a Captivating 2-Day Journey to Discover Salinas Grandes from Salta

      Immerse yourself in a two-day discovery experience in northern Argentina with our exhilarating tour to Salinas Grandes from Salta. This journey will take you through the region’s most treasured destinations, including Purmamarca, Salinas Grandes, San Antonio de los Cobres, and the majestic Quebrada del Toro.

      Full Day Tour Salinas Grandes

      Day 1: An Unforgettable Journey to Salinas Grandes

      We kickstart the first day from Salta, with our first destination being the charming Purmamarca, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here, the Cerro de los 7 Colores (Hill of Seven Colors), a vibrant market, and a historic church await you.

      Soak in the essence of this picturesque village before embarking on an exciting excursion to Salinas Grandes, ascending via the scenic Cuesta de Lipán. This leg of the journey offers an unparalleled visual spectacle, with towering canyons and sculptural mountains adorned with cardon cacti, all as we zigzag our way to an altitude of 4,140 meters.

      Private tour Salinas Grandes

      A Magical Evening Program

      The experience takes a magical turn during the night at Salinas Grandes. After indulging in a delightful dinner, we invite you to a starlit walk at the heart of the salt flats. Far away from the city lights, the sky becomes a canvas of sparkling constellations. The vastness of the salt flats and the clarity of the air provide the perfect setting to appreciate the beauty of the cosmos. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with nature and marvel at the universe’s vastness.

      Night in a Tranquil Haven at Pozo Colorado 

      The day concludes at Pozo Colorado, where you’ll spend the night at the cozy Hostería Posada del Silencio. Wrapped in serene and tranquil surroundings, you can unwind and recharge for the following day.

      IMPORTANT: The overnight stay at Hostería Posada del Silencio in Pozo Colorado depends on its availability. If there is no availability, the options for staying overnight in the area are Glamping Pristine Camps or the town of Purmamarca. Therefore, the program is subject to changes based on accommodation availability.

      Salinas Grandes and Hight Desert Safari

      • Travelling time: 5 hours

      Day 2: Safari through Salinas, San Antonio de los Cobres, and Quebrada del Toro

      Wake up amidst the serenity of Pozo Colorado and gear up for another thrilling day. The sunrise brings with it a safari through the dazzling Salinas Grandes, where you can capture memorable moments and feel the immensity of this unique landscape.

      Excursion a Salinas GrandesNext, we proceed to San Antonio de los Cobres, traversing the desert with the opportunity to drive across the salt flats if conditions permit. Following the tracks of the famous Train to the Clouds, we head towards Salta.

      As the landscape transforms before your eyes, you’ll witness the diversity of nature, from snow-capped peaks to valleys with unexpectedly vibrant formations.

      Tour privado salta argentinaAt sunset, we return to the city of Salta, thus concluding this exceptional experience where we explore the wonders of Salinas Grandes and beyond.

      Embark on this Incredible 2-Day Adventure and Discover the Magic of Northern Argentina!!

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    • PRICE INCLUDES Private transportation
      Bilingual tour guide
      Mineral water
    • NOT INCLUDED Accommodations,
      Warm clothes
    • ITINERARY Day 1:

      Hotel Pick Up 09:00 am
      Excursion to Purmamarca via Jujuy - Visit Purmamarca.
      Excursion Cuesta de Lipán - Salinas Grandes - Pozo Colorado

      Day 2:

      Excursion Salinas Grandes - San Antonio de los Cobres - Quebrada del Toro - Salta
      Hotel Drop Off


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