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    Adventure in Salta / Rafting, Mountain Bike y Trekking

    • PRICE PER PAX: 1200

      Rafting Rio Juramento / Quebrada de las Conchas / Cafayate

      • Travelling time: 4 hours
      • Overnight: Cafayate

      Day 1: Rafting in Juramento River – Quebrada de las Conchas – Cafayate
      Travelling time: 3 hours approximately
      Overnight in Cafayate

      At 9am, we start our tour towards Cabra Corral Dam. We will pass through the Valle de Lerma, where we can appreciate the different crops of Salta. At 11 am we should meet our friends from Salta Rafting so we can get started with the adventure program.

      Rafting Río Juramento

      The rafting starts in the base of Salta Rafting with a safety briefing and a introductory rafting course. After we supply the necesary equipment, the descent starts through the rapids of the Juramento river. There are 10 rapids class III plus 5 rapids class II, sorrounded by the beatiful landscape of the Juramento Canyon.

      The Juramento Canyon is a giant cut open between the mountains, its walls were 65 million years ago, ancient beaches inhabitated by prehistoric animals. The rafting starts in the Base (Route 47, km 34) and ends 12 kms downstream in the place called Los Lapachos. The trip back to the base takes 20 minutes in our vehicles.

      After this amazing experience, we will be heading towards one of the most popular places in Salta: Cafayate. To get to this small town, we will travel through one of the most spectacular places of our province “the Quebrada de las Conchas”.

      This place is known for the different colors and formations of the land, such as “El Anfiteatro”, “Los Castillos”, “La Garganta del Diablo”.

      Once in Cafayate, you will be able to discover by your own this charming town.


      Trekking Cafayate / Ruta 40

      • Travelling time: 4 hours
      • Overnight: Cachi

      In the morning we will walk (about two hours) into a Canyon, just a few minutes away from Cafayate. This place is quite unique: full of waterfalls and amazing landscapes everywhere.

      In this place inhabited by ancient cultures and humongous Cactuses we will walk for about 2 hours.

      Once we have finished this trekking, we will continue with our Tour to Cachi

      Excursion Ruta 40

      Our path gets narrower and more desertic. We will pass by some very ancient villages, from the time of the first spanish men who came to America. We will have the opportunity to appreciate rock formations that resemble Mars and the scenery will get more and more desertic as we move forward! It is an spectacular day!

      After noon, we will arrive to Cachi, a small colonial town where time seems to have stopped for ever. We will have time to walk through its very quiet streets, visit the square and the Church.

      MTB Cuesta del Obispo / Los Cardones

      • Travelling time: 3 hours

      In the morning we will start with our excursion. This time we will go to a place called Piedra del Molino but before arriving we will visit the Cardones National Park.

      Once, at the highest point of the route, 3.457, masl we will prepare our equipments and we will start the second downhill mountain biking called:

      Downhill Mountain Bike –  Cuesta del Obispo

      With three well-differentiated sections, two of pavement and one of gravel the total route adds 45 kilometers of extension, in which we will descend almost 1,800 meters of hight!

      This descent is for all tastes, those who prefer to do it slowly and taking advantage of the panoramic points to take good photos and enjoy the best views can do it quietly, and those who seek speed and live the adrenaline find along the route an unforgettable experience!!!

      At the end of the descent we will take a break in a picturesque place to rest a little while enjoying a good picnic in the open air.

      After uploading all the equipment in our vehicle, we will go to the city of Salta, where we will conclude our adventure!

    Private tours Salta
    Biking en Salta
    Tour Privado a Cachi y los Cardones
    Tour Privado Salta
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    • MIN. GROUP SIZE 2 people
      Mineral Water
      Private vehicle with guide at your disposal
      Rafting + Barbecue
      MTB + Picnic
    • NOT INCLUDED Accommodations
      Warm clothes
    • ITINERARY Day 1:
      Raffting Juramento - Salta Rafting
      Tour to Cafayate
      Night in Cafayate

      Day 2:
      Trekking Cafayate
      Private Tour to Molinos and Cachi
      Night Cachi

      Day 3:
      Private Tour Los Cardones National Park
      Mountain Bike - Cuesta del Obispo
      Tour to Salta


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