Private tour Cachi, Salinas Grandes and Purmamarca
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    Private tour in Argentina´s NorthWest | Private Guide | High-End vehicle

    • PRICE PER VEHICLE (4 PAX): 1.180 990

      Tour Cachi - Cuesta del Obispo - Los Cardones NP

      • Travelling time: 3 hours
      • Overnight: Cachi

      tour privado en salta y jujuyIn this 3-day Salta y Jujuy´s excursion, you will get to visit the best places of Argentina`s NorthWest. If you still have a blank on your itinerary, we invite you to experience a one-of-a-kind way of discovering our region!

      Excursion to Cachi:

      Cachi is one of the best places to visit in Salta! To get to Cachi we need to drive through two unique and incredible places: Los Cardones National Park and Cuesta del Obispo.

      A few kilometers after the start of the trip we will leave Salta behind and slowly getting in to the Quebrada de Escoipesa surprising spot full of green vegetation and amazing red hills on the side. This place connects with Cuesta del Obispo, reaching over 3,400 meters above sea level on a mountain road zigzagging incredible panoramic views.

      day tour to cachiFrom here, we can see different formations and maybe we will find some condors flying in its habitat. After leaving Cuesta del Obispo, we enter into ​​Los Cardones National Park, a valley framed by colorful formations and incredible high mountains with peaks that rise above 6,000 meters high!

      In the middle of this immensity, we will find a cacti forest (Cardones National Park), where we can walk, take pictures and observe very closely these huge inhabitants of the Andes. Also, if we are lucky, we might be able to spot some guanacos grazing in the high meadows.

      Private tour to CachiAfter all this we will arrive to Cachi, a charming, little, and colonial town whose architecture invites us to walk, have a coffee in the square and enjoy.

      In this place we will spend the first night of the tour.

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      Abra del Acay - Salinas Grandes - Purmamarca

      • Travelling time: 7 hours
      • Overnight: Purmamarca

      This day is a very special one: it´s Safari day!! The famous Route 40 takes us up to almost 5.000 meters above sea level in El Abra del Acay, losing itself in endless turns and landscape.

      On the way, we will be able to see the Cachi, Palermo and the Acay, a wall of high mountains that exceed the 6.000 meters of height. We will also be able to see volcanic rocks, green meadows and capricious formations.

      Private tour in Northern ArgentinaIn the middle of this breath taking landscape, if we are lucky we might spot some wild animals, like guanacos, vicuñas, chinchillas and maybe some suris (Andean reah).

      At noon, we will stop for lunch in the town of San Antonio de los Cobres, a mining little town. After lunch, we will arrive to Salinas Grandes where we will have time to take funny pictures, walk along the salt flat and enjoy the white immensity.

      www.andeschallenge.comTo crown the day we will descend the Cuesta de Lipán at sunset, until we reach Purmamarca. There you will have time to relax, enjoy the village and have a good dinner.

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      Tour Purmamarca - Rain Forest - Salta

      • Travelling time: 4 hours
      • Overnight: -

      Argentina`s NorthWestIf you like to do some outdoor activity, in the morning we can meet after breakfast to walk the “Paseo de los Colorados”. This is an incredible 40-minute hike around the Seven Colors Hill.

      At the end of our walk, we will start the excursion to the city of Salta and in a few kilometers; we will take Route 9 where we will have a total contrast: from the arid and colorful landscapes, we will go to the green mountain forest without any transition.

      The path turns green and as we get into the mountain, as it is covered with trees, lichens, lianas … we must be very focused on the road in order not to miss any of the wild animals we might cross by in forest.

      With good eye, and good luck, we might see different types of birds; some as big as the turkeys of the mountain, maybe spot a corzuela (small deer of our forests) or some wild cat!

      www.andeschallenge.comWhen we arrive to Salta, our tour will be concluded.

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    • ITINERARY Day 1:
      Excursion Salta - Parque Los Cardones - Cachi

      Day 2:
      Excursion Road 40 - Abra del Acay - Salinas Grandes - Purmamarca

      Day 3:
      Excursion Purmamarca - Rain Forest - Salta


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