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  • Calchaqui Valleys – North West Argentina

    Private Tour Cafayate - Cachi - Molinos

    • PRICE PER VEHICLE (4 PAX): 1.080

      Tour Quebrada de las Conchas & Cafayate

      • Travelling time: 3 hours
      • Overnight: Cafayate

      Private Tour Cafayate / CachiEvery day is a unique and incredible experience. Every place will dazzle us with one of a kind sights and unforgettable sceneries.

      In the morning we will meet at your hotel to start our journey. We will gladly share with you the secrets of our region, tell you the little details that you won´t find in a book, such as cultural curiosities, stories of our people, and different anecdotes.

      While we travel in our carefully selected vehicles, considering both safety and comfort, we will get to know each other, enjoying at the fullest each of the three days that we have ahead of us.

      Quebrada de las Conchas 

      Today we will be heading towards one of the most popular places in Salta, Cafayate. To get to this small town, we will travel through one of the most spectacular places of our province, “the Quebrada de las Conchas”.

      This place is known for the different colors and land formations such as “El Anfiteatro”, “Los Castillos”, “La Garganta del Diablo”…

      Tour a Cafayate desde SaltaIn the afternoon we will arrive to Cafayate, an emerging town whose development is based on wine production and tourism, with its very own High Altitude Wines. We can give you suggestions on which wineries to visit, taking this opportunity to enjoy the Malbec, Torrontes, Tannat and Cabernet Sauvignon, among others.

      This town is also known for its good weather (it is called the land of the Sun), and its exceptional boutique hotels, that complete the magic of staying in for the night.

      Wineries and Tasting

      We have chosen the best high-altitude wineries, with high-quality wines for you to enjoy the very best of this unique town.

      Hotels with Style

      We can recommend you different hotels where to choose from, in order to make your stay absolutely perfect.


      Tour Quebrada de las Flechas & Cachi

      • Travelling time: 4 hours
      • Overnight: Cachi

      Tour por Salta - Cafayate - CachiToday, it will seem that we travel back in time! Our path gets narrower and more deserted. We will pass by some very ancient villages, from the time of the first Spanish men who came to America.Arrows valley

      We will have the opportunity to appreciate rock formations that resemble Mars at the Quebrada de las Flechas, a formation that emerges as pointy knifes in the middle of the desert, a unique landscape achieved only by nature. Really a place worth the visit!!

      In the afternoon, we will arrive to Cachi, a small colonial town where time seems to have stopped forever.

      Private tour Calchaqui ValleyWe will have time to walk through its very quiet streets, and visit the square and the Church.

      In the evening, we strongly recommend taking a walk around this incredible town, that with the old lamps lighting the streets appears to be even older! Maybe have a coffee at the Square, take a walk around town and appreciate the calmness of this place.Hotels with Style

      A few minutes from Cachi we find a hotel surrounded by a unique landscape, where you can relax and enjoy a great dinner.

      Los Cardones National Park & Cuesta del Obispo

      • Travelling time: 3 hours
      • Overnight: -

      Private Tour Cafayate / CachiIt´s day three, but we are not even close to run out of spectacular views! Today we will visit the Cardones National Park and Cuesta del Obispo.

      We will drive into the National Park, until we reach a valley framed by colorful formations and mountains that reach over the 19.000 feets high-

      In the middle of the park we will make a stop that will allow us to walk, take pictures and observe very closely the cardones (gaiant cacti), these impressive inhabitants of the Andes. We will learn about their adaptation process, the extreme weather and the wonderful ways that Mother Nature has to adapt to the different types of challenges.

      Our highest point will be at 3.348 m.a.s.l, where we will find Cuesta del Obispo: an incredible zigzagging road in between green slopes, absolutely worth driving through it.

      In the afternoon, we will arrive to Salta, where our Calchaqui Valleys 3 day tour will end.

      Our vehicles

      We take into consideration safety, quality and comfort

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      Mineral water
      Private transportation
      Bilingual tour guide
    • NOT INCLUDED Accommodations
      Wine tastings
      Warm clothes
    • ITINERARY Day 1: Private Excursion Salta - Cafayate
      Overnight in Cafayate

      Day 2: Private Excursion Cafayate - Molinos - Cachi
      Overnight in Cachi

      Day 3: Tour Cachi - Cardones National Park - Salta


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