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  • Colomé & Cafayate | Wine & Style

    Cachi - Colome - Cafayate Wine Road


      Excursion Salta - Cachi - Colomé

      • Travelling time: 4 hours
      • Overnight: Estancia Colomé

      If you want to experience the best wines of the Northwest of Argentina, we have the perfect combination of stylish hotels, high-altitude wineries, and incredible landscapes.

      To begin with, we will start our journey from Salta to Colomé, driving through spectacular landscapes such as Quebrada de Escoipes, Cuesta del Obispo, and the Cardones National Park among others.

      For the moment, all this names might sound unfamiliar, but as we drive through, every one of them will fascinate us.

      In the afternoon, we will arrive to our first destination, where we can relax, enjoy a great wine glass and be amazed by Colomé and its surroundings.

      Estancia Colomé

      Estancia Colomé  is an oasis in the middle of an desertic valley, where nature surprises us by giving us an extraordinary landscape. And also, where Colomé´s owner, Mr. Donald Hess, built a one-of-a-kind hotel and surprises us with high-altitude wines that have been awarded by international critics all over the world.

      In such a magical place, we recommend to spend at least two nights, so we can really enjoy and experience all the facilities this place has to offer.

      Day at Estancia & Bodega Colomé

      • Overnight: Estancia Colomé

      For this day, we will tailor made your day at Estancia Colomé. We recommend to take a walk through the vineyards after breakfast, to bring along a good book to read by the pool or the terraces, and, of course, enjoy a glass of wine.

      Near noon, we can visit the winery to understand a little bit of the process of wine making and try the different varieties of wines this place has, such as Torrontés, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, among others.

      In the afternoon, we can take the guided tour to the winery, exclusive for the hotel guests, before visiting James Turrell´s museum.

      Museo James Turrell

      Near sunset, it is the perfect time to visit this spectacular museum dedicated entirely to James Turrell´s art, one of the most popular and contemporary artists, whose work is based on the interaction among light and space. An extraordinary experience, in an extraordinary place that will leave you breathless.

      After the museum, it is dinnertime, where it is time for the local chefs to impress us with their creativity.

      Excursion Wine Road to Cafayate

      • Travelling time: 4 hours
      • Overnight: Cafayate

      Today, we have a very special day ahead of us, it´s Safari day! We will drive through the entire Calchaqui Valley to reach Cafayate.

      Near noon, we will start our journey towards our new destination. The path will take us through a desertic valley, where- thanks to a lot of hard work and effort from the local communities- vineyards manage to grow. This high-altitude oasis are the reason why we have such extraordinary high altitude wines in this region.

      We will have the opportunity to appreciate rock formations that resemble Mars at the Quebrada de las Flechas, a formation that emerges as pointy knifes in the middle of the desert, a unique landscape achieved only by nature. Really a place worth visiting!!

      www.andeschallenge.comIn the afternoon, we will arrive to Cafayate, a charming little town that is growing thanks to tourism and high quality wines.

      We have many different hotels options in Cafayate, for every kind of traveler. We do have our favorites, and we are happy to share them with you.

      Hotels With Style in Cafayate

      Patios de Cafayate is a boutique hotel with all the facilities that will make your stay at Cafayate absolutely perfect.


      Day at Cafayate

      • Overnight: Cafayate

      Today we will enjoy Cafayate to its fullest. We can organize different activities, taking into consideration your personal preferences and tastes.

      We can either organize to play golf, hike in the mountains, visit –of course- our favorite wineries, horseback ride, or just enjoy a day at the spa.

      Cafayate is called the Land of the Sun, so it is great for outdoor activities. Also, the more prominent wineries offer different types of wine tasting, where you can enjoy very interesting grapes such as Malbec, Tannat, Syrah and, our emblematic strain, Torrontés.

      Excursion Quebrada de las Conchas - Salta

      • Travelling time: 4 hours
      • Overnight: -

      Today we will be heading towards one of the most popular places in Salta, “the Quebrada de las Conchas”.

      This place is known for the different colors and land formations such as “El Anfiteatro”, “Los Castillos”, “La Garganta del Diablo”…

      We will have time to visit these spectacular places, and to enjoy our last day before returning to Salta.

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