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  • Humahuaca | Extreme High Altitude Vineyards

    Wine tour in Argenina`s NorthWestern


      Vineyards of Purmamarca and Maimara

      • Travelling time: 4 hours
      • Overnight: Tilcara

      tour de vinos humahuacaIn our exclusive wine tour, Humahuaca´s Wineries, we will visit some of the newest and most promising projects of the region.

      In this place, the extreme altitude along with the roughness of the weather provides unique scenery for wine production.

      Our itinerary:

      Starting from Salta, or Jujuy, we will drive into the Humahuaca Gorge, where our first destination will be the little and charming town of Purmamarca. Here we will visit the boutique winery “Don Milagro”.

      Bodega Don Milagro

      Winery Don Milagro is a small project located at 2.300 m.a.s.l., with its terraces overlooking the Rio Grande River. With a lot of effort, its owners managed to transform these arid lands into terroirs suitable for vines to grow.

      Here, we recommend tasting its Torrontés (iconic white grape of the Northwest of Argentina), its Malbec and its Rosé.

      After this visit, we will drive to Purmamarca, where we will have time to have lunch, and to visit this charming town.

      After lunch, we will continue towards Maimará, where we will find Bodega Dupont.

      Bodega Dupont

      This winery is the first winery in Humahuaca. Its owners are the first pioneers to venture into the challenge of winemaking in the region.

      Located at over 2.5000 m.a.s.l., it successfully produces Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes. The famous enologist, Marcos Etchart, is in charge of producing its wines. He is the responsible for creating some wines that have achieved over 94 points in Wine Advocate Magazine, such as Punta Corral 2011.

      Wine Tours ArgentinaAfter this visit, we will arrive to Tilcara, where we will have the rest of the day off.


      Claudio Zucchino`s Winery | Extreme High Altitude Vineyard

      • Travelling time: 4 hours
      • Overnight: -

      tour de vino viñas de uquiaThis day, we start early in the morning, since we need to seize the day to get to an incredible place.

      About half an hour away from Tilcara, we will find the amazing Bodega de Claudio Zucchino, Viñas de Uquia. This winery is located as the second highest winery in the world, with its high-altitude vines in La Moya terroir placed at above 3.300 m.a.s.l.

      However, height is not really as important as it is the excellence of its wines. Tim Atkins punctuated them with 95 and 96 points in his magazine. The well-known enologist, Marcos Etchart, also produce this Extreme High Altitude Wines, but this time with a twist: Claudio, the owner, does not want to use oke barrels to store the wine in, as a way of showing in the final result of the wines, the full character of the terroir he possess.

      wine toursWhen we arrive to this charming winery, Claudio will be waiting for us to take us on a tour around it. Following an ancient stone path, we will travel in a 4×4 truck to the highest vineyards, planted in a former Inca Terrace. After this, we will get to an old mining cave, where Claudio placed his Wine Cellar.

      With a privileged view, and a spectacular landscape around us, we will taste his wines.

      After this visit, we will head back to Salta, where our Wine Tour of Humahuaca will be over.

      Extra tips

      This program can also be combined with an excursion to the Salt Flats, Cachi, Colomé or Cafayate. Please contact us for further information.

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